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Leading the Cellular Tower Industry

Since being founded in 2003, Liberty Electric has a track record of consistently completing projects on time, on budget and to our customers' satisfaction.

Licensed and insured in Utah and Idaho, we serve the needs of the top 5 wireless carriers. We do this by inspecting, maintaining, repairing, removing, retrofitting, and building new sites.

We guarantee the highest quality of work!

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We offer only quality services

Monopole During Monopole installation we first focus on exact drilling location for bolt pattern placement. Then foundation work begins and we ensure the concretes proper depth and integrity. After completion of the foundation we install grounding, power and telco. The crane company then stacks the tower while we prepare our coax, wave guide lines, and antennas. Once the crane company finishes we then install all the carriers equipment.
Self Support Self Support Towers can be built up to 400' and in a way that allows for easy multiple carrier placement. As with other towers we focus on foundation integrity before we allow the crane company to stack the tower. Built in multiple sections with a crane, Self Support Towers are fascinating to watch being assembled. It takes precision from the crane company to align all tower parts. Once the Tower is completely stacked, a Capstan Winch is used to hoist up the coax and antennas for us to complete the installation.
Stealth Stealth applications require a lot of pre-planning. Whether it be a Flag Pole, Pine Tree, or Brick Roof Top we have to consider what structure the equipment is on. Then we make sure that the stealth applications matches the surrounding environment and conceals the carriers equipment. After we have assembled all the parts we then test and make sure all equipment is working and not being compromised by the stealth application.
Upgrades During an upgrade there are several things we can do including swapping out radio heads, antennas, install new coax or hybrid lines, A/C meter upgrades, and change out live PDF's. These upgrades offer better service for customers. As technology changes this keeps our customers at the forefront.
Modifications We provide modifications such as installing a larger foundation around the existing foundation. We can re-tension guyed wires or replace them, install new cross members on a lattice tower or weld new stiffeners to strengthen the structure.
Site Demolition We offer a range of demolition services. Anything from removing antennas, coax, cabinets and removing the entire site including the tower and pier foundation.
Concrete Repairs We provide services for all types of concrete work including items such as; grout repairs on monopoles, tracking cracks in foundations and sealing them to prevent further damage.
Co-Locations We take great pride during installation of each Co-Location. We are able to install lines, antennas, equipment and shelters so that a new carrier can provide service on an existing tower without interruption or interference to existing carriers.
Roof Top Liberty Electric Inc. has completed several roof top Installations throughout Utah and Idaho. Careful Consideration is made to accommodate specific requirements of the carrier while maintaining building and roofing integrity.
Shelter Placement Our in-house crews have a wide range of experience erecting both pre-fabricated shelters and constructing stick-frame shelters.
Microwave Liberty Electric inc. has installed microwave dishes and radio equipment along with wave guide, line dehydrator with manifold systems and all needed connectors. While on or near towers with microwave dishes, employees strictly adhere to RF Awareness guidelines.
Generator Due to the unique ability of Liberty Electric we have delivered and installed many generators to new and existing sites throughout our region to provide back-up power for the carriers equipment.



Meet our management team

Michele Coles
COO/ Owner

When the opportunity arose for my husband to start Liberty Electric I decided to bring my knowledge and experience to the table and embark on this adventure with him. Previously I had worked in financial logistics. My experience in finance, budgeting, forecasting and production rates has helped steer the company in a positive direction. We take great pride in being cash flow positive, self funding the business as we grow.

Matt Coles
Estimating Director

I started in Tower Communications right out of high school. I began as a Tower Tech and after climbing for a while I wanted more. I went to school to become a Journeyman Electrician and received my E100 contractor License. I currently am working on the B100 and becoming a Master Electrician.

I am responsible for ensuring that robust pre contract estimating and cost plans are produced for each project. During each phase I lead the estimating team in purchasing material, change orders and installation.

Guy Johansen
Operations Director

At 19 I had passion for climbing towers that grew into a passion for the industry. In the year 2000 I decided that this is what I wanted to do for my career. After 12 years of experience in the field Jim and Michele gave me an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with others and now I am the Operations Directors and in house Certified ComTrain instructor.

I’m also responsible for our crew’s day-to-day activities and ensuring the productivity of each job.

Judi Gatti
Administration Director

I retired from Mervyns Distribution Center as an Inventory Specialist after working there for 20 years. My many years of employment brought me a variety of experience. I have worked with people from all walks of life and many different levels of employee experience. I am comfortable communicating to both my management team or the new employee that just started.




We're not the only ones happy with Liberty Electric, Inc


Liberty Electric continues to provide good service to AT&T TURF in the Utah market. Crews are experienced, complete work on time, and up to quality standards.

General Dynamics/Performance Evaluation

I continue to use Liberty in the Rocky Mountain Region. They have a real sense of urgency around critical customer needs and attention to detail is very good. They are one of my go to contractors in the RMR.

Eric J De Riggi/General Dynamics Vice President of Operations

Liberty is easy to work with and has turned out a quality product. Site builds were turned around quickly.

General Dynamics/Performance Evaluation

Always great working with Liberty Electric, they have a great team of individuals who take great pride in their work. They are well trained and always willing to put forth the extra effort to get the job done not only on time but done right.

Justin Nelson/Construction Proj Mgr III





The ComTrain certification provides climbing safety, fall protection & rescue training for our employees. Each employee is required to take the in-class training and written test before they are able to climb a tower. After successful completion of the written test each employee is given hands on experience where they learn how to properly rescue themselves and someone else from a tower.


The OSHA certification provides training for our employees on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in the workplace. We also provide information about workers’ rights, employer responsibilities and how to file a complaint.

Radio Frequency

The Radio Frequency certification gives our employees a better understanding of the RF hazards that exist on the tower. It teaches them what to do and how to make good decisions when exposure exists.

Rigging Principles

This Rigging certification teaches our employees how to tie several knots, the properties of various types of ropes and specific calculations that will allow them to choose the right tools for a lift.

JDSU Fiber Testing

The JDSU certification focuses on fiber optic inspection, cleaning and testing. It teaches employees while testing how to ensure that every connection in the network is clean and optimized.

First Aid/CPR

Our First Aid/CPR Training provides our employees with skills needed to give immediate care to a suddenly injured or ill co-worker until advanced medical personnel arrives.

Anritsu - Line Sweeping

Our Line Sweeping certification focuses on RF line sweep theory, technology and the application of best practices when using the Site Master test unit for sweeping RF systems.

Anritsu - PIM Master

Our PIM Master certification teaches our employees how to identify the source and exact location of PIM problems. This allows Liberty Electric to send any of our employees to troubleshoot, find and fix problems.



645,840 Man Hours

Liberty Electric, Inc has achieved a rare occurrence in the construction industry; we have experienced zero lost time accidents since January 2003. We couldn’t have accomplished this without the help of our wonderful team members and our Group Safety Director. Our main goal each day is to leave work the same way we came in. Furthermore we take pride in being the safest Telecommunications contractor in the nation. “This is not a finish line, but rather a day-to-day accomplishment” said Michele Coles, COO of Liberty Electric, Inc.

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5921 S. Stratler St. Murray, Utah 84107